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My name is Terry Frederick, thank you for stopping by our Frederick Genealogy page.
We have many Surnames here other than Frederick. I hope we can be of help in your Genealogy search.

Our family first came to this country from Germany around 1790. The story goes that we came by ship and that there were 6 brothers. One of the brothers died and was buried at sea. At that time people thought that Sea monsters would sink ships to get at the dead, so people were buried at sea; or, so the story goes. The other five landed in PA. (unable to confirm this). Jacques Joseph Frederick was the first family member that we have records on. My DNA is as follows: Scandinavia.....41% West Europe...31% Ireland/Scotland/Wales....10% East Europe....8% Great Britian....4% Caucasus........3% South Europe..1% Finland/NW Russia....1% Iberian Peninsula.......<1%
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Ahrens, Ahrens, Anderson, Annis, Austin, Arbogast, Arbogast, Arbogast, Arndt, Atwell, Bachman, Baer, Baker, Barkley, Barnhil, Barrett, Beam, Beaudry, Bergman, Bennett, Bergh, Berreth, Bird, Black, Borgstrom, Boring, Brace, Bragg, Brown, Brown Brown, Brekka, Burrows, Cable, Carpenter, Cartwright, Carter, Carter Cassettes, Chapman, Childress, Childress, Cihlar, Clark, Colaw, Cole, Connell, Conrad, Cook, Correll, Cornwell, Coryell, Coryell, Cotter, Cox, Custer, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davidson, Day, Deacon, DeLander, Dinwoodie, Dunlap, Downy, Easterday, Easterday, Easterday, Ebert, Ellis, Ervin, Faraca, Ferdinand, Fields, Fisher, Fisher, Flair, Flair, Flath, Fleck, Flinn, Forrester, Forsythe, Fournier, Fout, Fout, Fox, Full, Frantz, Frantz, Frantz, Frederick, Frederick, Frederick, Frederick, Frederick, Frederick, Frederick, Frederick, Frederick, Frederick, Frederick, Frederick, Frederick, Free, French,

Gailey, Gailly, Galor, GarberGarver, Garvin, Gerst(Garst), Gordon, Grady, Graves, Grisso, Griqsby, Grymek, Gullett, Gustafson, Guzik, Goshinska, Gosselin, Gotwig, Haaland, Hagen, Hansen, Hansen, Harper, Harschman, Haupt, Havig, Heck, Hedrick, Helmick, Henkle, Henry, Hoff, Holan, Holcomb, Holmes, Holscher, Holscher, Holscher, Holscher, Holscher, Holscher, Hoover, Huckaluk, Hopkins, Howarth, Howell, Hyslop, Iannetti, Ireland, Johns, Johnsboen, Johnson, Johnson, Kaffenbarger, Keeton, Keifer, Keller, Kelly, Kendall, Ketterman, Ketterman, Ketterman, Ketterman, Ketterman, Keulers, Kidner, King, Kirby, Kitchener, Kittleson, Klatt, Klein, Klock Klock, Knepper, Kormelson, Kovaat, Kruger, Krogness, Kuyek-Grout, Kuykendall, Kveseth,

Laidlow, Lampert, Lampert, Lampert, Lampert, Leffel, Leslie, Lewis, Lind, Lindahl, Lindberg, Linderman, Lindyl, Livingstone, Lobdell, Loendrof, MacDougall, Mae, Main, Mangone, Martin, Martinson, Martinson, Mascintyre, Mason, Maxson, Maxwell, McCall, McFarland, McFarland, McKee, McKinley, McNealy, McNeil, McPherson, Menne, Miller, Miller, Miller, Minton, Mitchell, Moore, Moore, Mounsey, Naille, Neher, Neher, Nelson, Nelson, Nice, Null(Knull), Nowicki, Olson, Osborne, Page, Paquett, Pelican, Penne, Pennington, Peter, Peterson, Phelan, Phillips, Pierson, Pilkington, Pleasant, Plumb, Powell, Priest, Priest, Pruitt,

Rausse, Riffell, Ritchie, Robinson, Rodewig, Rohrback, Ross, Rudd, Ryti, Salgat(Solgot), Schnittgen, Schrader, Sellinger, Schewinkle, Schmidt, Shook, Shriver, Shroyer, Simpson, Smith, Smith, Smith, Spiess, Sterzer, Snider, Stuehm, Stumbo, Stump, Sullivan, Sutton, Swanie, Swinger, Tebo(Teboe), Teter, Thompson, Thomson, Thomson, Thompson, Thomson, Thompson, Thorson, Trick, Turfis, Turner, Tveit, Unverzagt, Urich, Verplanck, Wagaman, Walker, Walters, Walsh, Ward, Waybright, Waybright, Weaks, Webb, Weddle, Whipp, Whipp, White, Wiley, Williamson, Wimer, Wittmeyer, Wolf, Wood, Woods, Wright, Wright, Wyatt, Exner, Young, Zug(Zaug),

Frederick, Gailly, Rausse Link.

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Jacques Joseph Frederick; b. 12 Apr 1726 Braine-L'Alleud, Brabant, Belgique (Belgium), d. 1805,m. Marie Jeanne Gailly;b. 1726 Mulheim, Thurgau, Switzerland; so Henri Frederick & Marie Francoise Rausse .


Josepho Frederick
Abraham Frederick; b. 1744, d.?.

Frederick, Urich Link.

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Josepho Frederick; b. 1761 Katholisch,Hambach,Pfalz,Germany, d. 1836, m. 1780 Hambach, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Barbara Urich; b. 1762 Abbeyville, Vermilion, Louisiana, USA .


Pierre Francois Frederick; b. 1781, d. 1860.
John Frederick
Phillip Frederick; b. 1789, may have died at sea on trip from Germany.
Abraham Frederick; b. 1793.
Charles William Frederick; b. 1795, d. 1870.
Johann John Frederick; b. 1798, d. 1855.
Ann E Frederick; b. 1800.
Caroline Frederick; b. 1803.

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Frederick, DeLander, Easterday, Fout Link.

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John Frederick; b. 12 Sept. 1787, d. 15 Dec. 1864 buried in the Ellerton Brethren Cemetery, m. 9 Nov 1839 Frederick Co. Mary Ann Easterday; b.1815 Frederick, Maryland, d. 3 Dec 1885 Clark, Missouri.


Daniel David Frederick
John Henry Frederick
Samuel Edward Frederick
Jacob Ezra Frederick
Rebecca Frederick (DeLander); b. 1846, Frederick Co. , Maryland. m. Lum DeLander.
Mary Jane Frederick
Ellen Sarah Frederick
Julia Frederick
Lydia Frederick

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Frederick, Miller, Link.
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Daniel David Frederick; b.1 Mar. 1849, Frederick Co., Maryland. d. 26 Mar. 1929, Greenville, OH., m. Sarah Elizabeth Miller 18 May 1875, Clark Co. OH. Moved to Sackatchewan, Canada in 1909.

DanielDaniel & Sarah Daniel's Family

Joseph E. Frederick
Marquerite Frederick
James E. Frederick
John W. Frederick
Mary B. Frederick
Williams died at birth
Margery E. Frederick
Martha E. Frederick

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Frederick, Martinson, Link.
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Joseph Elmer Frederick; b. 22 Dec. 1880, Donnelsville, Clark Co., OH , d. 20 Feb. 1946. m. Anna Beatrice Martinson 9 Nov. 1911, Hallbrite, Sask., Canada. Moved back to USA in 1916; bought a Farm East of Medicine Lake, MT.

JoeJoe JosephJoes_Grave AnnieAnnies_Grave Young_JosephYoung Joseph
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Harold R. Frederick
Hazel V. Frederick
LeRoy Frederick
Dwight Frederick

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Priest Link.
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Marquerite (Maggie) Frederick (Priest); b. 18 May 1878 Ohio. m. Cyrus (Bill) Priest

Sires PriestCyrus Priest MaggieMarquerite (Frederick) Priest

Mary E. Priest
George Priest
Clarence Priest
Marjorie Priest

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Priest ,Smith Link.
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Mary E. Priest; b. 12 Aug. 1898 . m. 15 June 1931; Gomer Miller.


Helen Miller;
George Priest; b. ?; d. 18 Mar. 1979. m. Helen ?.
Clarence Priest; b. Aug. 1904 d. 22 Nov. 1990. m. Vera ?.
Marjorie Priest; b. 1910 d.1991. m. Loy Zay Smith b. 1903, d. 1943.

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Lobdell, Shriver Link.
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James E. Frederick; b. 16 Mar. 1880 Ohio, d. 17 Sept. 1959. m. Winnifred (Winnie) Shriver; b. Oakwood, Ohio, d. 1963, Mich.

JamesJames E
Children of James E. Frederick:

Ester Frederick; b. 10 Mar. 1925, Napoleon, Mich. m. 11 Jul. 1944, Charles B. Lobdell, Mich.

Children of Ester Frederick:


Salgat Link.
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Vernon Howard Frederick; b. 19 Apr. 1915, d. 12 Aug. 1984, Mich. m. Sylvia Mae Salgat
Children of Vernon Howard Frederick:


Wolfred (Will) Frederick; b. 1 Nov. 1914. m. Barbara ?
Children of Wolfred (Will) Frederick:


Gordon Frederick; b. 1917. m. Marilyn ?
Children of Gordon Frederick:


Theodore Frederick; b. 1924. m. Midge ?
Children of Theodore Frederick:


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Davidson Link.
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John William Frederick; b. 1 Mar. 1876, d 10 Oct. 1950, Wolf Point, MT., m. Deane (Dollie) Davidson
John John W. Frederick
JohnYoung John W
Children of John Frederick:

Alma E. Frederick; b. 25 Mar. 1911, d. 2 Apr. 1969, m. Emil Dalby
Lewis L. Frederick
Clarence L. Frederick; b.15 Jan 1914, d. 14 Aug 1914
Gladys L. Frederick; b. 8 Aug 1915, d. 5 Nov 1975, m. Eatinger
Edmund W. Frederick; b. 6 Jul 1917, d. 16 Sep 1917
Ruth E. Frederick; b. 21 Jul 1919, m. Walter Allard
Anna Bell Frederick; b. 15 Jan 1921, d. Aug 1921
Mollie Mae Frederick; b. 19 Feb 1922, d. 22 Feb 1922
Harvey L. Frederick; b. 8 Jan 1924
Elsie Marie Frederick
Marjie L. Frederick; b. 4 Jun 1931. m. Jim Graine (had two children)

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Stuehm Link.
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Lewis L. Frederick; b. 5 Jun 1912, d. 11 Jun 1965, m. Hattie


Joseph Frederick
Ruth Frederick
Ester Frederick; m. George Stuehm 4 Jul 1974 . Had two children ids unknown.
Martha Frederick
Peter Frederick
David Frederick
Sarah Frederick
Mary Jane Frederick
Mark Frederick
Samuel Frederick
Abraham Frederick

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Olson, Wolf, Annis Link.
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Elsie Marie Frederick; b. 3 Jun 1927 Froid, Mt. d. 3 Jan. 1975 Havre, Mt.; m. 13 Jul 1943 Ely, NV., Joseph Milton Olson , b. 13 Oct. 1916 Moorhead, MN.;d. 6 Oct. 1996 buried Harlem, Mt next to 2nd. wife Violet Annis they married 6 Oct. 1963.


Larry Dewane Olson
Iris Kay Olson
Donald Alan Olson
Sherry Yvonne Olson
Sandra Faye Olson
Michael (Mickey) Calvin Olson
Carol Rena Olson
Pamela Lorene Olson

Michael Herman Wolf (Elsie Marie's 2nd husband); b.23 Sep. 1917 Chester, Mt. m. Elsie Marie 27 Jan. 1961 Glasgow, Mt.
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Loendrof Link.
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Wifes id with held by request; m. 11 May 1974 in Havre, Mt. Arthur Albert Loendorf; b. 21 Dec. 1952 in Wolf Point, Mt.


Venissa Rae Loendorf; b. 25 Oct. 1974 in Wolf Point, Mt.
Jacqueline Ann Loendorf; b. 30 Jul 1977 in Wolf Point, Mt.

Schnittgen Link.
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Wifes id with held by request; m. 29 Jul 1978 in Havre, Mt. Donald Schnittgen; b. 14 Nov. 1959 in Havre, Mt.


Michael Duane Schnittgen: b. 13 Dec. 1983 in Havre, Mt.
Matthew Thomas Schnittgen: b. 7 Oct. 1988 in Havre, Mt.
Mitchel Lorn Schnittgen: b. 21 Nov. 1991 in Havre, Mt.

Tveit Link.
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Wifes id with held by request; m. 6 Jun 1981 in Havre, Mt.; Kevin Tveit; b. 16 Oct. 1959 in Sidney, Mt.


Sarah Marie Tveit; b.10 May 1986 in Corona, CA.

Shook Link.
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Mary B. (Molly) Frederick (Shook); b. 9 Apr. 1877 Ohio, d. 14 Jan. 1971 Muncie, Ind. m. Elisan (Elijah) Sherman Shook.

ElijahElisan (Elijah) Sherman Shook Mary BMary (Molly) B
Children of Mary B (Frederick) Shook:

Russel Marion Shook Russelyoung Russel
Ethel Mae Shook
Arthur Shook

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Ross Link.
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Russel Marion Shook; b. 29 Jan 1898, d. 22 Jan 1931 (died in Elevator accident). m. Elizabeth Ross


Burl Shook; b. 10 Aug 1920, d. 27 Oct 1977
Ruth Rebecca Shook; adopted 17 Dec 1928

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Minton Link.
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Ethel Mae Shook; b. 27 Jul 1900, d. 12 Feb 1983, m. Noan Minton

Walter LeRoy Minton

Jennie Minton
Jeffrey Minton
Leatha Minton

John Daniel Minton
Mary Ellen Minton; m. Ray Cox Cox Link.

Kurt Cox
Vickie Cox
JImmie Cox

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McKinley Link.
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Authur Shook; b. 31 Oct 1907, d. 17 Dec 1969, m. Trilla "Roma" McKinley

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Brace,Weaks,Nice,Simpson,Correll,Smith,Powell,Garvin,Kelly,Knepper, Mitchell,Chapman,Johns Link.
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Edward Brace; b. New York

Children of Edward:

Avery Brace; b. 7 Jun 1798 New York; d. 29 Oct 1883 Rossville, Iowa; m. 1st Anna Rose Weaks; m. 2nd Rachel Weaks; b. 1793; d. 21 Apr 1868 Niconza, Ind

Children of Avery:

Adeline K. Brace; b. 30 Aug 1820; d. 29 Apr 1826
Edward Brace; b. 27 May 1822 Sheldon, NY; d. 22 Jul 1915; m. Isabella Van Nice14 Jun 1860
Russell Brace; b. 25 Feb 1825 Sheldon, NY; m. Mary A. Simpson 17 Jun 1852
Jane P. Brace; b.8 Apr 1827; m. John Correll 1850
Louisa Brace; b. 4 Aug 1830; m. Robert Smith
Laury Brace; b.28 Sep 1832; d. 22 Apr 1879
Norman C. Brace; m. Rebecca Powell d.o. Aaron Welch Powell b. Virginia and Elizabeth Garvin b. Ireland

Children of Norman:

Mary A. Brace; b. 12 Jul 1846 Niconza, Ind. d. 12 Jun 1853
George Brace; b. 26 May 1851 Niconza, Ind. d. 31 Dec. 1935, m. Lucinda E. Mitchell
Lenard C. Brace; b. 28 Jan 1855 Niconza, Ind. d. 4 Aug 1958 Strawberry Iowa; m. Elsie Chapman 22 Feb 1892
Rosetta Brace; b. 26 Dec 1856 Niconza, Ind. d. 4 Aug 1858
Orange Carlton Brace; b. 19 Oct 1853 Niconza, Ind. d. 1 Mar 1938 Portland, OR., Jessie F. Kelly; b. 16 May 1860 Ohio, d. 15 Mar 1908 Stark, ND.

Children of Orange:

Hazel Ruth Brace; b. 2 Sept 1890 Rossville, Iowa; d. 15 Nov 1963; m. Charles M. Johns 15 Sept 1908
Chloe Lottie Brace; b. 9 Feb 1894; m. Troy Knepper 12 Mar 1912
Evalyn Doris Brace; b. 22 Dec 1898 Jefferson, Iowa; d. 1 Jan 1979 Yreka, CA
Claud Norman Brace; b. Rossville, Iowa
Louis Wedgewood Brace b. 21 Dec. 1881 Rossville, Iowa; d. 10 Apr. 1940; 16 Oct. 1904 Grandville, ND., m. Margery Elizabeth Frederick (Brace); b. 2 Feb. 1885 Ind. , d. 16 Jun. 1946 Royalties, Albt. Canada.

Margery EMargery E Frederick Brace
Children of Louis:

Lillian Marie Brace
Viola Mae Brace
Claud Grover Brace
Louis William Brace
Leo Roy Brace
Doris Edna Brace
Arthur Eugine Brace
Clarence Calvin Brace
Cecil Brace

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McNeil Link.
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Lillian Marie Brace; b. 18 Aug. 1905 Burleigh, ND, d. 5 Mar. 1992 Calgary, AB. m. 1918 Neil McNeil.


Donald Frederick McNeil
Helen McNeil
Neil Gordon McNeil

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Hoover Link.
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Donald Frederick McNeil; b. 14 Jul. 1922 Empress, AB. d. 14 Jan. 1992 medicine Hat, AB. m. 17 Nov. 1948 Marian Doreen Hoover.


Stanley McNeil
Pattie Anne McNeil
Neil Grant McNeil
Sherry C. McNeil

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Helen McNeil; b. 19 Nov. 1926 Empress, AB. m. Herbert Hoover.


Arthur Hoover
Karen marie Hoover
Howard Hoover
James Hoover

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Neil Gordon McNeil; b. 2 Dec. 1934 Empress, AB. m. Verna Patrica Hoover.


Brent Gordon McNeil
Terry Ann McNeil

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Gailey, Lindyl, Huckaluk Link.
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Viola Mae Brace; b. 17 Aug. 1907 Goodwater, Sask., d. 12 Jun. 1980 AB, Canada m. 10 Aug. 1927 Ralph Samuel Gailey.


Ralph Samuel Gailey Jr.
Marjorie Dorie Gailey
Melvin Herbert Gailey; b. 16 Oct. 1931 Bassand, AB., d. 29 Jan 1987 Edmonton,AB. m. 1952 Kathleen Lindyl.
Kenneth Gailey; b. 12 Sept. 1932. m. 5 Apr. 1952 Lillian Huckaluk.
John Robert Gailey; b. 12 Apr. 1934 Bassano,AB.,d. Feb 20 1992 m. 23 Jul. 1955 Elsie Huckaluk.

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Ebert, Hansen, Laidlow, Rudd Link.
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Ralph Samuel Gailey Jr.; b. 28 Aug. 1930, m. Apr. 1955 June Ebert; 2nd wife Nancy J. Hansen


Donna Fay Gailey; b. 4 Feb. 1949. m. 3 May 1969 Barry Duncan Laidlow.
Dianna Jessie Gailey; b. 4 Feb. 1949 d. 9 Oct 1997 in Auto accident; twin sister of Donna Fay
Ralph Timothy Gailey Jr; m. Donna Rudd 2nd wife Rose.

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Havig, Page, Grymek, Forrester, Holmes, Arndt, Lindberg Link.
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Marjorie Dorie Gailey; b. 13 Jun. 1928, d. 22 Oct. 1978, m. Milton Amory Havig.


Donna Mae Havig; b. Feb 20 1951 Radway, Alberta Canada d. Apr 17 1952 Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Sandra Lee Havig; b. Mar 7 1952 m. 1st David Page Oct 31 1970 (they had 2 children) 2nd m. Larry Grymek Jun 7 1997
Leonard Milton Havig; b. Mar 15 1953 m. Victoria Forrester (They had 5 children)
Helen Rose Havig; b. Dec 6 1955 m. James Robert Holmes Mar 7 1979 They had 2 daughters)
Gregory Allen Havig; b. Feb 26 1959 1st m. Sandra Arndt Oct 15 1974 Divorced (They had 2 sons) 2nd m. Bev Lindberg Sep 1 2000

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Connell Link.
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Claud Grover Brace; b. 2 Jan. 1910 Hallbrite, Sask., d. 4 Jan. 1967 Royalties, AB., m. 30 Jun. 1933 Lillian J. Connell.


Yvonne Brace
Lorne George Brace
Vicki Deloris Brace
Maxine Lillian Brace
Edward (Eddie) Brace

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Barkley,Haaland,Nelson Link.
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Yvonne Brace; b. 5 Dec. 1935 Calgary,AB. m. Nov. 1953 Larry Barkley d. 1963; m. 18 Dec 1964 Earl Glenwood Haaland d. ?; m. 1 May 1980 Roy Albert Edward Nelson

Children w/ Larry Barkley:

Cindy Diane Barkley
Kelly Georgina Barkley

Children w/ Earl Glenwood Haaland:

Douglas Earl Haaland

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Bird, Gosselin, Sterzer, Keulers Link.
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Lorne George Brace; b. 6 Jun. 1937 Calgary,AB. m. Faith Mary Bird.


Matthew David Brace; b. 24 Jun 1964; m. CL Pilar Gosselin b. 25 Aug 1967.
Martin George Brace
John Edward Brace; b. 30 Jan 1969; m. CL Daneen Irvine Sterzer b. 27 May 1969
Catherine Janet Brace; b. 8 Dec 1971; m. CL Robert Keulers b. 28 Feb 1946

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Howarth Link.
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Vicki Deloris Brace; b. 8 Sept. 1940 Cereal,AB. m. William Aaron Howarth; m. 10 Jun 1977 Lawrence Edward Polnau b. 17 Jun 1939.

Children w/ William Howarth:

Debbie Leah Howarth
Pamela Laurene Howarth
Daniel Aaron Howarth; b. 1 Jun 1965

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French, Harper Link.
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Maxine Lillian Brace; b. 12 Apr. 1942 High River,AB. m. 10 Sept. 1959 John Russell French d. 8 Jan 2006.


John Russell Jr French
Wendy Corrine French; b. 14 Jul 1962 d. 29 Nov 1962.
Patricia Jane French; b. 17 Mar 1964, m. 11 Aug 1984 Kenneth Creighton Harper b. 11 Jul 1965.
Lori Anne French
Jason Edward French

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Nowicki, King, Kornelson, Mounsey Link.
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Edward (Eddie) Claude Brace; b. 30 Sept. 1943 High River,AB. m. 20 May 1967 Mary Ann Nowicki d. 1991; B. 16 Nov 1944 Red Deer Alb. Canada. m. CL, Carol Irene King.

Children w/ Mary Ann:

Michael Brace; b. 4 Jun 1968; m. CL Tracey Kornelson b. 10 Aug 1959
Danielle Claudine Brace
Christopher Steven Brace

Children w/ Carol Irene

Michelle Beverley Ann Brace: b. 22 Aug 1965; m. May 1990 Robin Mounsey b. 14 Jul 1954.

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Ward Link.
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Cindy Diane Brace; b. 27 Jan 1957; m. CL 1981 Bradford Ward b. 28 Dec 1954 (Separation);


Chance Leland Ward; b. 24 Mar. 1984.

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Livingstone Link.
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Kelly Georgina Brace; b. 8 Jan 1960; m. 30 Jun. 1979 Scott Edward Livingstone b. 9 Nov. 1959;


Garrett Quinn Livingstone
Dustin Miles Livingstone
Megan Rae Livingstone

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Kuyek-Grout Link.
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Garrett Quinn Livingstone; b. 9 Jun 1980; m. 12 Aug 2006 Kimberley Nicole Kuyek-Grout.


Memphis Brooke Livingstone; b. 9 Mar 2010.

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Klein Link.
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Dustin Miles Livingstone; b. 13 Nov. 1981; m. 17 May 2003 Londa Ann Klein.


Mason Miles Livingstone; b. 20 Oct. 2006
Ava Ann Livingstone; b. 31 Aug 2009

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Dinwoodie Link.
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Megan Rae Livingstone; b. 5 Mar 1984; m. 7 Oct. 2001 Jordan Luke Keith Dinwoodie b. 23 Jul 1981.

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Exner Link.
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Douglas Earl Haaland; b. 29 Jul 1967; m. 5 Jul 1985 Krystal Lynn Exner


Kyle Douglas Haaland; b. 15 Oct 1985.

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Phelan Link.
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Danielle Claudine Brace; b. 15 Feb 1972 Edmonton, AB; m. 4 Aug 2001 Calgauy, AB. Sean Thomas Phelan b. 8 Jan 1962.


Brookly Paige Phelan; b. 25 Jun 2002.

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Fleck, Thompson, Mascintyre Link.
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Christopher Steven Brace; b. 16 Feb 1974 Edmonton, AB; M. 18 Oct 1998 Kananaskis, AB; Stacey Ann Fleck b. 22 May 1970. m.?, Tanis Thompson.

Children w/Stacey Ann:

Sara Morgan Brace; B. 7 Aug 2000.
Hailey Marissa Brace; b. 13 Nov 2001.
Tyler Christopher Brace; b. 24 Feb 2005.

Children w/ Tanis Thompson

Jordan Christopher Mascintyre; b. 26 Apr 1993

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Klatt Link.
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Martin George Brace; b. 11 Jun 1967; m. 5 Aug. 1995 Lyla-Jean Elizabeth Klatt b. 5 Jan 1970.


Joshua James Brace; b. 22 Dec 1997.
Jessica Elizabeth Brace; b. 24 Apr 2001.

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Berreth, Atwell, Forsythe, Fournier, Burrows, Robinson, Cassettes Link.
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Louis William Brace; b. 11 Jul. 1911 Goodwater, Sask., d. 6 Apl. 1954 Empress, AB., m. Ella V. Berreth.


Joyce Ann Brace; b. 23 Aug. 1946 Empress,AB. m. 15 Sept. 1963 Art Atwell.
Gordon Louis Brace; b. 5 Jul. 1948 Empress,AB., d. 8 Jun. 1990 Medicine Hat, AB. m. 2 Jul. 1971 Sandra Gail Forsythe.
Leonard William Brace; b. 26 Sept. 1950 Empress,AB. m. 31 Aug. 1973 Rita marguerite Fournier.
Loretta May Brace; b. 12 May 1952. m. William Paris Ronald Burrows.
Hellen Rose Brace; b. 27 DEc. 1953. m. James Robinson, and then m. John Cassettes.

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Hyslop, Penne, McIlveen, Cartwright Link.
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Leo Roy Brace; b. 7 Jun. 1913 Goodwater, Sask., d.12 Dec. 1958 Devon,AB. m. 6 Aug. 1940 Margaret Helen Hyslop b. 1918 Sedelia,AB.


Marlyne Mae Brace; b. 2 May 1942 Consort, AB. m. Harvey Penne.
Doreen Ellen Brace; b. 10 Apr. 1944. m. 12 Jul. 1961 Robert Fleming McIlveen.
Wayne Roy Brace; b. 29 Apr. 1946 Consort,AB. m. Eddie Cartwright.

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Mason, Downy, Gordon Link.
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Doris Edna Brace; b. 15 Mar. 1915 Broomhead, Sask., d. 3 Apr. 1990 Blairmore, AB., m. 29 Jul. 1931 Elmer Harley Mason.


James Elmer Mason; b. 12 Dec. 1932 Cereal,AB. m. 12 Jul. 1969 Beatrice Ann Downy.
Donna Mae Mason; b. 4 Sept. 1935 Westlock,AB. m. 8 Oct. 1960 Robert Gordon.

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Carpenter Link.
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Arthur Eugine Brace; b. 26 Sept. 1916 Broomhead, Sask., d. 25 May 1986 Edmonton, AB., m. Mary Patricia Carpenter b. 16 June 1916.


Vincent Trevor Duane Brace; b. 12 Sept. 1940.
Carole Patricia Brace; b. 3 Sept. 1941.
Richard Eldon Brace; b. 8 Mar. 1943.
David Eugene Brace; b. 26 Sept. 1945.
Leslie Milton Brace; b. 21 May 1947.

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Linderman,Hoff,Keller Link.
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Clarence Calvin Brace; b. 12 May 1922 Empress, AB., d. 24 Sept. 1976 Wetaskiwin,AB., m. 6 Oct. 1946 Edna Linderman b. 18 Apr. 1933 Veteran,AB.


Bette Marie Brace; b. 1 Jun. 1947 High River,AB. m. David Clarence Hoff.
Peggy Ann Brace; b. 3 Feb. 1951 Radway,AB. m. 23 May 1975 Robert (Grant) Keller.

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Borgstrom, Beaudry, Peter Link.
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Cecil Brace; b. 19 Oct. 1927 m. Harriet (Isabelle).


Charlotte Brace; m. Doug Borgstrom.
Cheryl Brace; m. Maurice Beaudry.
Jacqueline Brace; m. Don Peter.

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Barrett, Link.
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Debbie Leah Howarth; b. 31 Jul 1959; m. Daniel Clarence Barrett; d. 1992 b. 18 Mar 1956.


Karie Lyn Michelle Barrett
Jackie Christina Barrett
Nicole Eliza Barrett; b. Apr 1986.

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Osborne,Leslie, Link.
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Pamela Laurene Howarth; b. 22 Aug 1961; m. 25 Aug 1991 Doug Melvin Osborne d. ? b. 21 Aug 1960. m. David Glen Leslie d. ? b. 8 Jan 1966.

Children w/ Doug Osborne: None known
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Paquett,Hansen, Link.
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Karie Lyn Michelle Barrett; b. 22 Aug 1978; m. Apr 1995 Jason Paquett d. 2001; b. 21 Nov 1974. m. 30 Aug 2003 Norman Hansen b. 3 Jun 1970.

Children w/ Jason Paquett

Kristen Nicloe Paquett; b. 19 Sept 1995.
Gregory Edward Joseph Paquett; b. 8 Oct 1997.
Children w/Norman Hansen
Bryn Daniel Hansen; b. 3 Nov 2001.136

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Moore Link.
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Jackie Christina Barrett; b. 20 Feb 1981; m. 28 Sept 2002 Brian Moore b. 15 Apr 1981.


Quentin John Barrett; b. 4 Mar 2004.

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Pilkington Link.
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John Russell Jr French; b.1 Jan 1960. m. Aug 1990 Bonnie Marie Pilkington d.? b. 21 Mar 1965.


Stacey Louise French; b. Nov 1984.
Tyler John French; b. 9 Sept 1988.
Mariah Wendy French; b. 2 Apr 1991.

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Kitchener Link.
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Lori Anne French b. 23 Jun 1965. m. CL, Shane Kitchener separated, b. 3 Mar 1966.


Nicole Marie Kitchener
Crystall Lillian Kitchener; b. 12 Oct 1989.
Michelle Patricia Kitchener; b. 7 May 1991.

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Holan, Frederick, Brekka Link.
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Martha Edith Frederick (Holan); b. 26 Sept. 1889 Ansonia, Ohio. d. 1 Jan. 1965 MPLS. MN. m. 27 Oct. 1909 Sask. CN. Andrew P. Holan; b.17 Oct. 1885 Marshall Co. MN. d. 22 Oct. 1957 MPLS. MN. so. Peder Johansen Holan; b. 21 Feb. 1853 Skatval, Norway d. 27 Feb. 1920 Warren, MN. m. 29 Aug. 1875 Skatval, Norway Bergitte Andersdtr Brekka; b. 22 Sept. 1852 Skatval, Norway d. Sept. 1931 Warren, MN.

MarthaMartha Young MarthaYoung Martha

Vera Pauline Holan; b. 15 Oct. 1910 Canada, d. Apr. 1918. Died of Dyptheria in Minot, ND.
Gladys Adelaide Holan; b. 8 Oct. 1911 Canada, d. Apr. 1918. Died of Dyptheria in Minot, ND.
Violet May Holand
Evelyn Holan; b. Apr. 1914, d. Aug. 1914 probably in Canada
Myrtle Martha Holan; b. 12 Aug. 1915, d. 8 Jun. 1930 MPLS. MN.
Ethel Grace Holan
Helen Marietta Holan
Eugene Holan; b. 8 Mar. 1921, d. 21 Mar. 1922 MPLS. MN.
Robert Andrew Holan
E. Raymond Holan
Lloyd Lewis Holan

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Ferdinand, Link.
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Nicole Marie Kitchener; b.6 Mar 1988, m. CL, Belmar Ferdinand.


Micklan Ferdinand; b. 16 Oct 2008.

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Fox, Link.
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Jason Edward French; b. 4 Sept 1969; m. 18 Dec 1993 Lisa Marie Fox, separated; b. 18 Jul 1979.


Taylor Ann French; b. 5 Feb 1995.
Kylie Maxine French; b. 20 Sept 1996.

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Cihlar, Conrad, Lind, Legg, Martin, Guzik Link.
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Violet May Holan; b. 14 Oct. 1912 Ogema, Sask. CN.;d. 1993 m. Ludwick Cihlar; b.4 Jan. 1906 d. 1987 (divorced) 2nd marriage ???Lind (no Children); 3rd marriage Kenneth M. Legg b. 17 July 1914 d. 1 Nov 1991 (no children)

Children of Violet:

Virginia Violet Cihlar; b. 30 Oct. 1929 d.4 Dec 1999 m. Lawrence E. Conrad; b. 29 nov. 1924, d. 2 May 1988

Children of Virginia:

Pamela Mae Conrad; b. 19 Jul. 1953, m. John Jack Martin (no children)
There is another child but was removed at their request.
Lawrence E. (Bucko) Conrad 2nd; b. 4 Aug. 1958, m. Kelly
Colleen Renae Conrad; b. 15 May 1964, m. Daniel Guzik

Children of Colleen:

Jacob Guzik; b. 19 Nov. 1988 Emily Guzik; b. 22 Jun. 1990

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Howell, Mae Link.
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Ethel Grace Holan; b. 19 Sept. 1917 Warren, MN. d. 24 Jan. 1968 FLA. m. 10 Jan. 1943 W. (Pete) Howell; b. 25 Apr. 1907, d. Aug. 1985 FLA.

Children of Ethel & Pete:

Roy Howell
Joy Howell; b. 24 Aug. 1950
Thelma Howell; b. 1931
Maudine Howell

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Mae Link.
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Roy Howell; b. 29 Jan. 1949, m. Willa Mae.


Scott Howell
Kevin Howell

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Barnhil Link.
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Maudine Howell; b. 25 Dec. 1936, m. Robert Barnhil.


Dianne Barnhill

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Krogness, Pruitt, Kittleson, Faraca, Boring Link.
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Helen Marietta Holan; b. 19 Aug. 1919 Froid, MT. d. 11 Feb. 1990 Ark. m. Krogness (divorced) 2nd marriage; Pruitt (divorced) 3rd marriage; Alvin Kittleson.


Susan Krogness; b. 21 Feb. 1939, m. 7 Nov. 1959 Alfred Faraca Jr., divorced Aug. 1968; m. 31 Jul. 1971 Richard Boring.
Keith Pruitt; b.15 Jan. 1946, m. May 1972 Margaret Lestrud (divorced).

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Lindahl, Goshinska Link.
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Robert Andrew Holan; b. 1 Mar. 1923 Minneapolis, d. 22 jul. 1980 Minneapolis, m. 12 Oct. 1925 Viola E. Lindahl, do. Joseph W. Lindahl & Olga O.A. Goshinska.


Robert Andrew Holan Jr.; b. 2 Nov. 1947, d. 24 Mar. 1969; Army 1st Lt. Killed in Action, Vietnam.
Gary Joseph Holan
James Lee Holan
Barbara Rae Holan

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Ireland Link.
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Gary Joseph Holan; b. 27 Oct. 1949 Minn., MN. m. Kathleen b. N. Ireland.


Sean Holan
Patrick Holan
Kevin Holan
Ryan Holan

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Hagen Link.
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James Lee Holan; b. 16 Oct. 1951. m. 14 Feb. 1976 Deboran Lynn Hagen, divorced Jul. 1980.


Amber Christina Holan; b. 21 Jun. 1978
Jeremy Edwin Hagen (step child); b. 15 Dec. 1974.
Brittany Lynn Hagen (step child); b. 22 Jul. 1982

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Payne Link.
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Barbara Rae Holan; b. 12 Jul. 1953. m. James Payne; b. 16 Apr. 1951.


Cindy Ann Payne; b. 2 Apr. 1978
Mohael James Payne; b. 15 Mar. 1980

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Cole Link.
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E. Raymond Holan; b. 21 Dec. 1926 Minn., MN. d. 30 Mar. 1971 Iowa, m. Linda. M. Joseph Cole.


Michael (Murphy) Holan (adopted); b. 13 Dec. 1964.
Matthew Holan; b. 18 Jan. 1966.
Jo Lynn Holan; b. 20 Jan. 1969.
Martha Holan; b. 6 May 1971.

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Ryti Link.
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Lloyd Lewis Holan; b. 23 Feb. 1930 Minn.,MN., d. 29 Sept. 1986 Az. m. Yvonne Ryti.


Nancy Holan
Andrea Holan
Diana Holan

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Smith, Iannetti, Beam, Webb Link.
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Nancy Elaine Holan; b. 4 Dec. 1955 Landstuhl, W. Germany; m. Aug 1972 Harold (Buddy) Clyde Smith b. Aug 1947 (Divorced 1974); m. Jan 1976 Victor L. Iannetti b. 12 July 1945 (Divorced 1984); m. 1995 Nelson Beam (Divorced 1996).

Others removed by request and not to be given out.

Thomas Lloyd Webb Iannetti b. 12 Jun 1982 Tucson AZ. (Note father is Allen Thompson Webb; never married to Nancy)
Emily Joan Webb Iannetti b. 12 Jun 1982 Tucson AZ. (Note father is Allen Thompson Webb; never married to Nancy)

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Thomson, Fisher Link.
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Harold Raymond Frederick; b. 18 Sept. 1919 ,Ret. US Air Force 1963. d. 18 Dec. 2010 m. Louise Ernestina Thomson 22 Dec. 1944. d. 9-6-08 do Albert Charles Thomson & Ernestina Louise Fisher

Louise Ernestina Thomson Frederick & Harold Frederick Memorial Site Dad Harold & Louise

Terry R. Frederick
Doreen L. Frederick

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Childress, Holscher, Frederick Link.
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Terry Raymond Frederick; b. 21 Aug. 1945, m. Mary Martin 18 May 1972 Boise, ID. (divorced 1975) , m. Terri Dawn (Sellinger) Frederick ; 2 July 1983 Bothell, WA. d. 2-11-2006 of Cancer Memorial Site. m. 8-23-2009, Judith Jane (Childress) Holscher; b. 10-20-1943.

Judy&Terry Judy & Terry..
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Cook, Link.
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Doreen Louise (Cook) Frederick (Lampert); b. 12 Mar. 1942 Kentfield, CA., d. 26 Mar. 2004 of Cancer. (adopted by Harold R. Frederick) m. Dennis Earl Lampert 6 Jun. 1964.

Doreen Doreen Lampert Memorial Site

Darcie Ruth Lampert; b. 3 Aug. 1967, Kodiak, AK.
Dana Raymond Lampert; b. 7 Apr. 1970, Tacoma, WA. (Madigan GEN. Hosp.).
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Ketterman,Henkle,Davis,Woods,Helmick,Arbogast,Hedrick,Turner Link.
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Daniel Ketterman I;

Children of Daniel:

George F Ketterman; b. 16 Feb 1767 Berks Co. PA. d. 1846, m. Mar 1793 Riverton, Pend Co. WV Mary Madalena Henkle; b. 31 Aug 1775 Riverton, Pend Co. PA, d. after 1856 Dewitt Co. IL

Children of George:

Stoeffel Christopher Ketterman; b. 6 Mar 1794 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, d. 17 Apr 1849, M. 21 Nov 1815 Sarah Davis (also see Arbogast)
Justus W. Ketterman; b. 20 Dec 1795 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, d. 21 jan 1867 Urbana, IA; m. 24 Dec 1819 Ross Co. OH Mary Ann Woods
Jacob D. Ketterman
Solomon M. Ketterman; b. 1 May 1798 Riverton, Pend Co. WV,d. 4 Nov 1876 Vernon Co. MO Flat Rock Cem., m. 17 Jul 1830 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, Amm Helmick
Edith Ketterman; b. 1800 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, d. 28 Oct 1879 Numa, IA Livingood Cem.,m. 26 Jan 1819 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, Michael Arbogast (also see Arbogast)
Sarah Ketterman; b. abt 1802 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, d. aft 1884 Circleville, WV,m. 8 Feb 1820 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, Joseph Arbogast (also see Arbogast)
Abigail Ketterman; b 1803 Riverton, Pend Co. WV,m. 21 may 1829 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, Eloas A. Hedrick
Christine Ketterman; b.1808, d. aft 1830, m. John Turner

Ketterman,Flinn,Waybright,Arbogast,Stump,Kuykendall,Full,Bennett,Miller, Day,Pennington,White Link.
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Jacob D. Ketterman; b. 1797 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, d. 4 Jan 1869 maybe Dorcas, WV; m. 13 Jan 1820 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, Mary Ann Arbogast.


Sabina Melvina Ketterman; 17 Jan 1820, m. 19 Jun 1844 Abraham Flinn.
Essau/Esau A. Ketterman; b. 20 May 1822, d. aft 1900, m. 20 Jan 1847 Elsie Waybright (also see Arbogast).
John George Ketterman; b. 20 Jul 1824, d. 3 Oct 1878 Dorcas, Hardy Co. WV, m. 15 Aug 1845 Sarah Stump, also Nancy Kuykendall, and Malinda Full.
Salem Solomon Ketterman; 21 Dec 1826 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, d. 16 May 1910 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, m. 11 Oct 1847 Riverton, Pend Co. WV Mary J Bennett.
Miles Ketterman; b. 6 Dec 1828.
Hannah Ketterman; b. 3 Jan 1831 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, d. 25 Nov 1906 Downs Twp, IL., m. 15 Nov 1845 Riverton, Pend Co. WV Silas W. Miller.
Mary Ketterman; b. 5 Feb 1833
Ann Rebecca Ketterman; b. 29 Apr 1837 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, m. 28 Oct 1856 George F Day also Dyer Pennington.
Nicholas Harper Ketterman
Joseph Ketterman; b. 11 Jul 1841 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, d. 1863 Gettysberg PA, killed in action.
Sarah (Sallie) Ketterman; b. 9 Apr 1842 Pendleton Co. Riverton WV, d. 15 Nov 1935, m. 14 Jan 1889 Marcellus Bennett also Thomas H. White.
Leah Ketterman; b. 8 Dec 1834, m. 14 Sep 1867 Nathan Waybright (also see Arbogast)

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Ketterman,Teter, Kirby, Colaw, Johnson Link.
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Nicholas Harper Ketterman; b.12 Jul 1839 Riverton, Pend Co. WV, d. 14 Mar 1904 Downs TWP. IL, m. 4 Feb 1864 Elizabeth Teter.

Nick K Nicholas Harper Ketterman

Tecumsah Sherman Ketterman; b. 17 Apr 1865 Delta IL, d. Jul 1955, m. Emma Kirby
Lena Leona Ketterman; b. 13 Dec 1868 Downs Twp. IL, d. 23Apr 1958 Downs Twp. IL, m. 5 Oct 1887 George Allen Colaw
Lilly Ketterman; b. Mar 1879 McLean, IL, D. 4 Apr 1942 Downs Twp. IL, m. Clark Johnson
Bertha Viola Ketterman; b. 30 Dec 1874 McLean, IL; d. abt 1942 Downs Twp. IL; m. Alphous (Alpha) Colaw
Paul Ketterman

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Ketterman,Gotwig, Nelson, Plumb, Gerg, Frederick Link.
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Paul Ketterman;b. 26 Dec 1875 McLean IL, d. 13 Aug 1958 Renton,WA., m. 10 Jan 1900 Carrington, ND. Mary Ellen Hopkins; d. 1963 Seattle,Wa. at 93 yrs.


Mary Isabelle Ketterman;b. 26 Jul 1904, m. Gotwig
Lucile Elizabeth Ketterman; b. 26 Nov 1910 m. Nelson
Helen Bridget Ketterman;7 Aug 1912, m. Plumb
Bertha Victoria Ketterman; b. 26 July 1914, m. Gerg
Paul Leo Ketterman; b. 17 Jul 1902
Anthony Hugh Ketterman; b. 26 Oct 1900
Merle Nicholas Ketterman; b. Oct. 16 1906 Fargo,ND., d. 16 June 1988 Plentywood, MT. m. Dec. 1936, Plentywood, MT. Hazel Vivian Frederick (Ketterman); b. 26 May 1914 Colegate, Sask. Canada. ; d. 12-13-2008 Plentywood, MT.


Leo Dwain Ketterman
Terry Ketterman
Dennis Ketterman; 21 Feb 1944

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Ketterman, Black Link.
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Terry Ketterman; b. 16 Feb. 1940, Plentywood, MT. m. 29 Apr. 1962, Reno ; Nancy Black; b. 26 Mar. 1940, Flint, Mich.


Therese Ketterman
Paul Ketterman

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Ketterman, Pelican Link.
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Therese Ketterman; b. 20 Aug. 1961 San Meteo, CA. m. 6 Sept. 1980 Tom Pelican.

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Paul Ketterman; b. 26 Jul. 1967 Redwood City, CA.

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Ketterman, Johnsboen Link.
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Leo Dwain Ketterman; b. 17 Jan. 1937. m. ; Twila Johnsboen b. 7 Dec. 1939.


Dan Ketterman
Greg Ketterman
Michelle Ketterman

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Dan Ketterman; b. 11 Nov. 1957. m. 1978 Jan ?. Divorced 1992.

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Greg Ketterman; b. 6 Mar. 1959.

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Michelle Ketterman; b. 13 Apr. 1960. m. 11 Oct. 1986 Ruben Lopez; b. 29 Dec. 1958 in Los Angeles, CA.



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Frederick, Sullivan, Cotter, Schmidt, Gullett, Link.
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LeRoy Frederick; b. 18 Oct. 1912 Halibrite, Sask. Canada, d. 6 Feb. 1999 Walla Walla, WA. m. Viola Sullivan ;1940; b. 6 Sep 1914, d. June 29, 2006.


Sheila; b. 24 Sept. 1941; m. Cliff Cotter 1981 d. 1984 remarried 1985 d. 1988.
Jan: b. 23 Jan. 1948; m. Michael Schmidt June 2, 1968 d. 1973, m. Dennis Gullett March 12, 1988 divorced May 1995.

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Frederick, Johnson Link.
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Dwight Frederick; b. 8 Aug. 1916 Goodwater, Sask. Canada. d. 1973. m. Maxine Johnson.


Bob (aka Phrog) Frederick; b. 3 July 1946 Townsend, MT. d. 27 April 2023, Livingston, MT. Bob's obituary
Children: Cecily Olson; b. ?, d. 2012
David Frederick
Mike Frederick
Vivian Frederick

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Frederick, Griqsby Link.
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David Frederick; b. 22 Feb 1948, m. 1972 Lee Griqsby.


Mickey; b. 12 Oct 1982; adopted
Jessie; b. 17 Oct 1976; adopted

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Frederick, Williamson Link.
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Mike Frederick; b. 15 Jun 1944,d. 4-4-2020, m. Sep 1973 Pam Williamson divorced ?.


Angie; b. 13 Apr 1974
Cori; b. 12 Apr 1976

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Frederick, Rohrback Link.
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Vivian Frederick; b. 14 Sept. 1949; m. 1968 Charles Rohrback, divorced 1982.


Marilee; b. 2 May 1969. d. 10-4-2018
Rhonda; b. 25 Sept. 1971

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Null(Knull), Galor, Whipp, Moore Link.
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Henry Null; b. 1820 Maryland; m. Anna Galor; b 1820 Maryland.


Mary C. Null; b. 1841
Julia A. Null; b. 1843 Maryland d. 1926; m.14 Jan 1862 John T.A. Whipp b. 1840 d. 1918; Frederick Co. Maryland; s/o Archibald Whipp and Ann C. Moore.
Sophia Null
Eva A. Null; b. 1847.
John H. Null; b. 12 Jul 1850.
Cyrus Null; b. 31 May 1851.
Sarah Jane Null; b. 31 Aug 1853.
Ida Marie Null; Aug 1855.

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Cornwell, Frederick, Wyatt, Smith Link.
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Sophia Null; b. 12 Dec 1844, d. 8 Apr 1900 m.8 Aug. 1861 John Henry Frederick; b.22 Aug 1842, Frederick Co., Maryland. d.5 Apr 1905,


Charles Frederick; b. 1861 Clark Co. Ohio.
William H. Frederick; b. 1866 Clark Co. Ohio. m. Rosetta Cornwell 24 Dec. 1887.
John Harvey Frederick
Sims Frederick; b. 9 Sept. 1870 Clark Co. Ohio.
Alice Frederick; b. 1870 Clark Co. Ohio.
Benjamin Franklin Frederick; b. 31 Aug. 1871 Clark Co. Ohio.
Cyrus Frederick; b. 1872 Clark Co. Ohio.
Franklin Frederick; b. 1873 Clark Co. Ohio.
Albert. Frederick; b. 1874 Clark Co. Ohio. m. May Wyatt 28 Oct. 1893.
Ella Frederick; b. 1876 Clark Co. Ohio.
Anna Bell. Frederick; b. 1877 Clark Co. Ohio.
Calvin A. Frederick; b. 16 Apr. 1880 Clark Co. Ohio. m. Minnie Smith 14 Feb. 1900.
Estella Frederick; b. 2 May 1885 Clark Co. Ohio.

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McFarland,Phillips, Tebo, Dunlap,Maxson, Sutton, Fields, Bragg, Snider, Shroyer,Free, Custer, Heck Link.
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Archibald McFarland; b. 3 May 1773, d. 10 Jun 1850, m. Mary Phillips; b. 29 Jan 1771, d. 19 May 1852.

Children of Archibald:

William McFarland; b. 24 Dec 1798, d. 22 Jan 1880 Randolph Ridgeville, m. 28 Dec 1820 OH. Flora Tebo; b. 9 Dec 1798, d. 1879, do Conrad Teboe; b. 1775?, d. before 1830 & Rebecca Dunlap; b. 7 Dec 1775, d. 7 Mar 1865.

Children of William:

Philip McFarland; b. 29 jan 1822, d. 9 Sep 1852, m. 28 May 1843 Springfield, OH. Naomi Maxson; b. 16 Feb 1821 OH., d. 1 Jul 1873, do Jesse Maxson; b. 8 Oct 1772 NJ, d. 24 Mar 1851, m. 23 Feb 1797 Sarah Sutton; b. 3 Feb 1782, NJ, d. 18 Mar 1863.

Children of Philip:

William James McFarland; b. 13 Dec 1845 IND., d. 31 Jan 1919 N. Hampton, OH., m. 1 Apr 1866 Bethiah Fields; b. 8 Oct 1849, d. 5 Feb 1873, do Lansford Fields b. 1800,d. 11 May 1873 & Nancy Bragg; b. 1809, d. 22 Feb 1861. m. 10 April 1875 Sarah Elizabeth Snider; b. 10 Sept 1857, d. 18 April 1935; do John Snider & Rebecca Heck.

Children of William with Bethiah:
Mary Luetta McFarland

Children of William with Sarah:

Earl McFarland; b. 27 Dec 1875, d. 5 Sep 1966, m. 29 Nov 1893 OH. Nancy A. Shroyer; b. 5 Jun 1874 OH., d. 27 May 1956 OH.

Children of Earl:

Horace C. McFarland; b. 7 May 1901 clark Co., OH, d. 25 Oct 1987 OH., m. 7 mar 1923 OH., Clara M. Free; b. 6 Feb 1901 OH., d. 15 Jan 1981 OH., (do John H. Free; b. 15 Apr 1872 OH., d. 21 Feb 1948 OH., m. 2 Aug 1900 Carrie B. Custer; 10 Sep 1873 PA., d. 13 Jul 1954 OH.),

Children of Horace:

Carl Richard McFarland; b. 13 Sept 1930, m. 3 June 1950 Springfield, OH. Dorothy Lee Will.

McFarland, Link.
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John Harvey Frederick; b. 1867 Clark Co. Ohio. m. Mary Luetta McFarland 26 Mar. 1887.


John W. Frederick; b. 1 Nov 1889, d. 25 Aug 1898.
Earl W. Frederick; b. 10 Jul 1892, d. 2 Sep 1898.
Carmelie May Frederick; b. 1 Jul. 1888, d. 24 Aug 1898.
R. Cletus Frederick;
Myrtle R. Frederick; b. 28 Mar 1905 N. Dakota, d. 18 Mar 1974.

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Flair, Frantz, Kaffenbarger Link.
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Samuel Edward Frederick; b. 22 Jun. 1843, Frederick Co., Maryland. d. 29 Oct. 1917, Clark Co, , OH. m. Margaret Ann Rebecca Flair b. 5 Aug. 1848, d. 20 Sept. 1878, m. 24 Dec. 1865, Frederick Co., Maryland. then m. Lydia Frantz 29 Jun. 1879.

Civil War Private: Co. G. 7th Reg. Maryland Infantry; He was a Doctor after the war.


Alvertie Catherine Frederick
Charles Edward Frederick; b. 29 Aug. 1870. m. Ida Kaffenbarger.
Mary E. Frederick; b. 21 may 1871.
Emory C. Frederick
Florence M. Frederick; b. 4 Mar. 1875.
Cora Jane Frederick
John P. Frederick; b. 31 Aug. 1878(1 Sep 1878), 17 Oct 1878.

Children by 2nd wife Lydia Frantz.

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Keeton Link.
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Alvertie Catherine Frederick; b. 8 Dec 1867 d. 8 Dec 1933 Springfield OH. m. 24 Aug 1892 Charles Alison Keeton; b. 6 May 1867, D. 15 Nov 1952 Springfield, OH.


Bessie Fern Keeton; b. 17 Jun 1894, d. 19 Dec 1989 Springfild OH.
Cora "Mildred" Keeton; b. 1 Jul 1898, d. 29 Jun 1988

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Flath, Kidner Link.
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Emory C. Frederick; b. 6 Sept. 1873. m. 17 Apr. 1897, Emily Catherine Flath.


Virgil O'Dell Frederick
Laurence Edward Frederick; b. 15 Dec. 1900 Clark Co. Ohio; D. 6 Oct. 1981 Forest Lawn, Columbus OH.
Orva Herald Frederick; b. 19 Feb. 1903.
Floyd Benjamin Frederick; b. 6 Apr. 1905.
Elizabeth Adell Frederick; b. 28 Jul. 1907.
Esther Lois Frederick; b. 19 Nov. 1910
Inetta Frederick; b. 23 Sept. 1911; d. 29 Mar. 2003; m. Kidner

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Leffel Link.
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Cora Jane Frederick; b. 13 Jan. 1877. m. 8 Mar. 1903, George Franklin Leffel, b. 28 Nov. 1870/71 St Paris, OH>, d. Apr. 1936 Tampa, Fl. s/o Frederick Leffel & Elitha Long.


Howard Z. Leffel; b. ?, d. NY,NY.

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Frantz, Zug, Bachman, Gerst(Garst) Link.
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Michael Frantz; b. 1 sep 1687, Canten of St. Jacob, Switzerland. d. Dec. 1748, Landcaster Co. , PA. his wife id unknown died on ship Molly, John Hodgson Master, arrived from Rotterdam sep 30th 1727. He arrived with his son Michael from Palatine (a country along the Rhine, later known as Bavaria).
He settled in Lancaster Co. PA. near Ephrata along Connestoga Creek. He was baptized on sep 29th 1734 Church of the Brethern. In 1735 he was ordained as its minister and was until his death.

Children of Michael Frantz:

Maria Frantz
Michael Frantz II; b. 1725 Germany, d. abt 1807, PA. m. 1752 Magdelena Zug, b. 1726 Germany d/o Ulrich Zug (Zaug) & Barbara Bachman.
1752 Michael was granted a Proprietary Patent by Thomas & Richard Penn (sons of William Penn), for 154 acres of Cocalica Twp. They sold 50 acreas in 1762 and the balance in 1775 and moved to Botencourt Co., VA with most of there children.

Children of Michael Frantz II:

John Frantz; b. 1749 PA.
Jacob Frantz; b. 1755 PA.; 1799
Abraham Frantz; b. 1756 PA.
Christian Frantz; b. 1761 PA.; d. 1850
Daniel Frantz Sr.
Michael Frantz; b. abt 1764.
Peter Frantz; b. 1765 PA.; d. 1853
David Frantz
Sally Frantz; b. 1768 PA.

Frantz, Garber(Garver), Minnich Link.
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Daniel Frantz Sr.; b. 1763 PA. d. 1843 Clark Co. , OH. m. Magdalene Garber or Garver (Minnich) b. 1784 Botetourt Co., VA. d. 1866 OH.

Children of Daniel Frantz SR:

Joel Frantz SR.;
Samuel Frantz SR.; b. 1832, d. 1849.
Shara Salome (Sally) Frantz SR..
Elizabeth Frantz SR.; b. 1825, d. 1901.

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Frantz, Neher, Grisso Link.
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Joel Frantz; b. 28 Jul. 1822 Clark Co. OH, d. 21 May 1869 Clark Co., OH. m. 29 Aug. 1846 Clark Co. OH. Mary Neher b. 22 Jan. 1822 Donnelsville, Clark Co. OH. d/o John Neher Jr. & Anna Nancy Miller

Children of Joel Frantz:

Anna Frantz; b. 5 Sep 1847 Clark Co. OH. d. 1920 Clark Co. OH. m. 21 Jan 1869 Jacob Grisso.
John Frantz; b. 5 Sep 1847 Clark Co. OH. d. 9 Feb 1848 Clark Co. OH.
Jacob Frantz; b. 13 Jan 1850 Clark Co. OH. d. 27 Jun 1919 Clark Co. OH. m. 15 Oct 1871 Malinda Julie McKee Sandra (Lydia) Frantz;

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Frantz, Neher, Gerst(Garst), Baer Link.
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David Frantz; b. 1766 PA. d. 1815; m. Marie Elizabeth Gerst(Garst), b. 29 May 1768.

Children of David Frantz:

Michael Frantz; b.19 Sep.1791 Botetourt, VA.,d. 11 Feb 1860, m. 16 Oct 1823 Clark, OH Susanna Neher b. 23 May 1800, d. 26 Jun 1850 N. Hampton, Clark, OH., do John Neher & Martha Magdalena Baer.

Children of Michael Frantz:

Susanna Frantz; b. WFT Est. 1814?-1841, d. WFT Est. 1820-1924.
John Frantz; b. 1825, d. 1882.
Samson Frantz; b. 1826, d. 1826.
Lydia Frantz; b. 1830, d. 1857.
Michael Frantz Jr.; b. 1837, d. 1857.
Anna Frantz; b. 1840, d. 1860.

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Frantz, Link

Sandra (Lydia) Frantz; b. 15 jul. 1853 Clark Co. OH., d. 10 May 1937, m. Samuel E. Frederick 29 Jun. 1879.


Rosetta Grace Frederick
Ulysses Elmer Frederick
Ivy Fern Frederick; b. 27 Jul. 1884 Clark Co. OH.
Orva Jason Frederick; b. 19 Sept. 1885 Clark Co, OH.

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Harschman, Coryell Link.
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Jacob Ezra Frederick; b. 5 Oct. 1844, Harmony , Maryland. d. 11 Feb. 1927. m. 1866, Mary Caroline Harschman; b.29 Sept. 1850, d. 28 Feb. 1915.

He was a Minister


Mary Catnom Frederick; b. 30 Sept. 1867 Fountaindale, PA., d. 26 July 1941.
Manda E. Frederick; b. 24 Apr. 1869 Wolfville, MD., d. 13 Nov. 1971?
Daniel David Frederick; b. 9 Mar. 1872 Wofville, MD., d. 22 Apr. 1950. m. Myrtle Victoria Coryell; b. 26 Jul 1866 d. 16 Nov 1951. Note had no children but raised 4 half brothers & sisters of Myrtle.
John W. Frederick; b.13 May 1874 North Hampton, OH.,
James M. Frederick; b.23 July 1876 North Hampton, OH.,
Charles F. Frederick; b. 21 Oct. 1878 Brownsville, MD., d. 13 Jan. 1923.
Albert U. Frederick; b. 10 Mar. 1885 Winamac, IND., d. 5 Dec. 1903.
Nora Ann Frederick; b. 26 Feb. 1888 West Lebanon, IND., d. 3 June 1923.
Bertha Adeline Frederick; b. 2 Feb. 1890 Bowers Station, IND.
Francis Christion Frederick; b. 4 Jan. 1893 Salem, ILL.

Return to Jacob Ezra's Parents.

Rosetta Grace Frederick; b. 21 Apr. 1880 Clark Co. OH. m. 17 Apr. 1905, Albert O. Young, b. 7 Aug 1868, so Lewis Young and Elizabeth F. Arnold.


Lewis Jacob Young
Velma Blanche Young
Amy Grace Young

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Coryell Link.
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William Henry Coryell; b.? d.? m. Johnson


Myrtle Victoria Coryell; b. 26 Jul 1866, d. 16 Nov 1951.
Audra Algernon Coryell;
Esther Coryell;
Aurelia Coryell;

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Ulysses Elmer Frederick; b. 22 Apr. 1882 Clark Co. OH. m. 17 Oct. 1904, Urah Bessie Clark. m. 21 jan. 1920 Mary E. Power.


Gladdia Ruth Frederick; b. 12 Jul. 1905.
Ivy Fern Frederick; b. 27 Jul. 1884 Clark Co. OH.

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Riffell Link.
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Mary Jane Frederick (Riffell); b. 2 Jan. 1839, Frederick Co., Maryland. d. 4 Jul,. 1916, Ohio. m. Jacob Mathias Riffell,b. 5 Mar. 1833, d. 19 May 1887, m. 16 Oct., 1856, Maryland.


John William Riffell; b. 18 Apr. 1857.
Catherine Jane Riffell; b. 14 Feb. 1859.
Soffy M. Riffell; b. 5 May 1860.
Susan Riffell; b. 21 Jul. 1861.
Samuel Jason Riffell; b. 23 Jan. 1863.
George Edward Riffell; b. 3 Oct. 1864.
Annie May Riffell; b. 9 Oct. 1866.
Daniel Carlton Riffell; b. 9 Mar. 1868.
Sarah Ellen Riffell; b. 22 May 1870.
Simon Peter Riff; b. 4 Jun. 1872.
Charley Thomas Riffell; b. 9 Apr. 1875.
Emery Calvin Riffell; b. 27 Oct. 1876.
Clara Belle Riffell; b. 18 Aug. 1878.
Fannie Alvertie Riffell; b. 25 Nov. 1880.
Julia Florence Riffell; b. 5 Oct. 1882.

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Ellis, Unverzagt Link.
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Ellen Sarah Frederick (Ellis); b. Mar., 1851, Frederick Co. Maryland. d. 1932, Clark Co. , Ohio. m. Oliver Ellis , b. ? d. 1929.


Bertha Ellis; b. ? d. 9 Apr. 1964.

Note Ellen also married Ernest Unverzagt on 23 May 1875.
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Whipp Link.
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Julia Frederick (Whipp); b. 1854, Frederick Co. , Maryland. d. 1930. m. John Whipp, New Carlisle, Ohio.


Willy Whipp; was married 2-3 times but no children.

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Naille Link.
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Lydia Frederick (Naille); b. 1855, Frederick Co., Maryland. d. 1892, Clark Co. Ohio. m. Sam Naille.

Children: both were put in home of John H. Frederick after Sam died.

Roy Naille.
Lois Naille.

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Martinson, Pierson, Gustafson, Peterson, Anderson, Ritchie, Kveseth, Bergh Link.
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John Martinson; m. Ida Pierson b. Sweden divorced John & m. Conrad Gustafson.

Children of John & Ida:

Anne B. Martinson b. 11 Aug. 1889 Wheaton Minn. d. 21 Aug. 1969 Plentywood, MT; m. Joseph Elmer Frederick Nov 9, 1911
Hilma Martinson d. 1972 m. Hulman Peterson
Marie Martinson d. 1972 m. Harry Anderson?
Hulda Martinson d. 1972 m. Ritchie?
Bill Martinson d. 1972 m. Nettie Kveseth

Children of Bill & Nettie:

Wanda Martinson.
Clayton Martinson.
Dwight Martinson.
Dorthy Martinson.
Richard (Dick) Martinson; m. Betty.
Vernon Martinson: b. 7-8-1929; m. Doris Bergh; d. 8-4-2002 of Cancer.
Norman Martinson.
Elmer Martinson d. 1972 m. Rudy?
Victor Gustafson b. 1901 d. 18 Jan 2002

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Miller,Wagaman, Cable,Redman,Swinger,Schewinkle,Pleasant,Trick Links
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Miller Family

Jacob Miller; b. 17 Feb. 1796 Louisville, KY., d. 8 Oct. 1861 Miller Family Farm Cem., m. 29 Sept. 1816 Mary Michael; b.?, d. 27 Mar. 1842 Miller Family Farm Cem. do JP Bashore Michael & Mary Mayer.


Emanuel Charles Miller; b. 13 Feb. 1829 Adams TWP Drake Co. Ohio, d. 13 May 1903 Adams TWP Drake Co., m. 24 Feb. 1850 Nancy Wagaman; b. 31 Jan. 1830 Adams TWP Drake Co., d. 27 Sept. 1890 Adams TWP Drake Co., do Jacob Wagaman & Polly Overly. 2nd Marriage Emma Cable.

Sarah Elizabeth Miller
Susanna Miller b. 25 Jun 1850, Drake Co., Ohio d. 6 Jan 1929 Ohio, m. John Redman.
Mary Jane Miller b. 6 Sept 1851, d. 2 Mar 1906, m. Samuel Swinger.
John Henry Miller b. 30 Nov 1852.
Willian Riley Miller b. 4 Oct 1857, d. 13 Feb 1929, m. Callie Schewinkle.
Isabella Miller b. 20 Apr 1859, d.20 Apr 1924, m William Pleasant.
Jacob M. Miller b. 19 Jan 1862, d. 2 Oct 1908, m. Clara Trick.
Samuel Harvey Miller b. 23 Aug 1865, d. 28 Aug 1941, m. Laura Bell Trick.,/p>

Ahrens/Rodewig Link.
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George Ahrens; b. Germany, D. 1865, m. Louise Caroline Rodewig; b. 9 Sept. 1825 Germany.


Lena Ahrens; b. 8 Sept. 1857/1861 Fairbault, MN. d. 11 Nov. 1952 Eugene, Or. m. Samuel Fisher.

See Fisher Link below

Fisher Link
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Fisher Family

Sam Fisher; b. France, d. 1855/1869, m. Ernestina ?, b. 14 Jul. 1823 England.


Samuel Fisher; b. 12 Aug. 1855 WI., d. 26 Nov. 1913 Eugene, OR., m. Lena Ahrens; b. 8 Sept. 1857/1861 Fairbault, MN., d. 11 Nov. 1952 Eugene, OR.


Ernestina Louise Fisher; b. 2 Aug. 1891 Fairbault, MN., d. 5 Feb. 1979 San Jose, CA., m. Albert Charles Thomson 21 Jul 1909. also see (Thomson family). m. 2nd husband Oscar E. Tomlinson.

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Thomson, Swanie, Turfis, Link.
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Thomson Family

Isacc Thomson; b. 1781 Scotland, m. Elizabeth (Betsy)?; b. 1777 Scotland.

Children of Isacc:

William Thomson; b. 11 Sept. 1818 Orkney Isle, Scotland, m. 7 Jan. 1841 Sarah Swanie(Swany); b. 10 May 1821 Orkney Isle, Scotland. do Wm(Benjarmin Swanie b. Orkney, Scotland. m. Elizabeth (Margaret) Turfis; b. Orkney, Scotland.

Children of William:

Sarah Thomson: b. 1844.
John Thomson
Leonard Adam Thomson
May Thomson; b. 1848 Orkney, Scotland.
Thomas Thomson; b. 1855 Orkney, Scotland.
Hugh Thomson; b. 1858 Orkney, Scotland.
Alexander Thomson; b. 1861 Orkney, Scotland.

John Thomson; b.1847 North Ronaldsay (house was Purtabreck), d. 1921 Leeds Ontario, Canada, m. ?,

Children of John:
Gertrude Estelle Thomson
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Leonard Adam Thomson; b. 6 Sept. 1853 Orkney Isle, Scotland, d. 3 Feb. 1942 Okland, MI. m. 1879 Louise Anne Thompson; b. 10 June 1862 Ontario, Canada, d. 26 Sept. 1906 Detroit, MI. do. James Hamulton Thompson & June ?.


Albert Charles Thomson; b. 11 Aug. 1880 Mason City, Iowa, d. 3 Jan. 1949 Riverside, CA. (died of cancer), m. Ernestina Louise Fisher; b. 2 Aug. 1891 Fairbault, MN., d. 5 Feb. 1979 San Jose, CA.
Leonard Hamilton Thomson; b. 27 Mar. 1893 Hamilton, Ont. m. 13 Oct 1913, Adelaide Ellen Gregory.

Leonard Adam's parents

Albert Charles Thomson; b. 11 Aug. 1880 Mason City, Iowa, d. 3 Jan. 1949 Riverside, CA. (died of cancer), m. Ernestina Louise Fisher; b. 2 Aug. 1891 Fairbault, MN., d. 5 Feb. 1979 San Jose, CA.


Louise E. Thomson.
Leonard Samuel Thomson.
Albert (Leon) Charles Thomson Jr.

Albert's parents

Leonard Hamilton Thomson; b. 27 Mar. 1893 Hamilton, Ont. m. 13 Oct 1913, Adelaide Ellen Gregory.


Leonard Thomson Jr.;
William Thomson;
Jean Thomson;
Gail Thomson;

Leonard Hamilton's parents

Thomson, Grady, MacDougall Link.
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Leonard Samuel Thomson; b. 6 Oct. 1911 d. 13 Aug. 1999. m. 17 Jun 1939 Helen Isabelle Grady b.? d. 13 Aug 1999.


Carol; b. 26 Feb 1944; m. 11 Aug 1967 Allan Brent MacDougall: They have 7 children.

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Albert (Leon) Charles Thomson; b, 8 Aug. 1910 d. ? m. 23 Jan 1939 Geneva Rebecca Bishop b. 22 Aug. 1921.


Mercedes Louise Thomson Jr.
Nancy Sue Thomson Jr.; b. 11 Jul 1942, m. Dean Keane; b. 18 June 1932.

Children of Nancy:

David Keane; b. 4 Dec. 1964.

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Mercedes Louise Thomson Jr.; b. 3 Oct. 1939, m. 6 Jan. 1958 Divorced 1963 Leon C. Klipstine.


Debra Louise Klipstine; b. 30 Jan. 1960, m. 10 Jul. 1982 Brett C. Bergmann.
Tami Sue Klipstine; b. 2 Feb. 1961, m. 8 Aug. 1987 James P. Evans.

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Thomson, Kendall, Link.
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Gertrude Estelle Thomson; b.?, m. Kendall ?,

Children of Gertrude:
Ernest Wakefield Kendall:
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Lampert, Schrader, Link.
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Lampert Family

Abysius Lampert; b. Lichtenstien, Germany, m. Gertrude Schrader b. Westphalen, Germany.

Child of Abysius:

Edward Henry Lampert

Lampert, Kruger, Thorson Link.
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Edward Henry Lampert; b. Freeport, Ill. d. 1941 m. 1895 Arentina Kruger; Carver,MN. d. 1937 do. William Freeman C. Korn Kruger & Thora Flora Thorson b. 1826.


Joe L. Lampert.
Edward T. Lampert; b. 1896, d. 1902.
Claude E. Lampert; b. 1897, d. 1955.
William F. Lampert; b. 1901, d. 1902.
Ruth V. Lampert; b. 1903.

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Lampert, Wiley, McCall, Henry, Holcomb link
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Joe L. Lampert; b. b.22 Aug. 1906, d. 1962, m. Betty Loiraine Wiley; b. 1913 Olympia, WA. do Alivin McCall Wiley; b. 19 Jul. 1872 Troy IA. d. 18 Jun. 1953 so Hamillton Lee Wiley 1846-1917 & Nancy Jane McCall 1849-1933. m. Elvira E. Henry b. 7 may 1876 Tahola Indian Res. d. 13 Jun 1964. do Gordon Anson Henry & Sally Smith Holcomb.


Dennis E. Lampert; see Doreen E. Frederick
Nancy Lampert

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Sellinger Link.
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Sellinger Family

Dean V. Sellinger; m. Wilma Watson.


Teresa (Terri) Dawn Sellinger... see Terry Frederick.
Corliss May Sellinger.
Donnette Louise Sellinger.

Johnsboen Link.
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Gunder Johnsboen; b. Telemarken, Norway. d. 26 Nov. 1943. m. 31 Oct. 1933, Plentywood, MT; Marie Berglett Constance Fagerbakke (Johnsboen) after his death she married Simon Swanson b. Sept. 1896, Skaane, Sweeden. d. 22 Sept. 1975.

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Flair,Weddle,Frederick,Lewis,Haupt,Wright,Main,Harper Link
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Flair Family

Peter Flair; b. abt. 1815, d. abt. 1892 in Frederick Co., Maryland, m. Rose Ann (Rosanna) Weddle on Apr 10 1848 in Frederick Co., Maryland; b. 1826 Frederick Co., Maryland, d. Feb 13, 1868 in Frederick Co., Maryland.


Margaret Ann Rebecca Flair;
Charles Edward McCauley Flair; b. 27 Aug. 1855 Harmony, MD. m. 7 Sept 1886, Emma Jane Lewis b. 22 Feb. 1871.
Simon Peter Flair;b. May25, 1853 in Frederick Co., Maryland;d. Mar. 15, 1886 in Frederick Co., Maryland; m. Amanda R Haupt b. June 3, 1859 Maryland; d. April 26, 1945 Southbendm IN. buried in Maryland; after Peters death she m. Harry P. Main. in Frederick Co., Maryland.


Edith E. Flair; b. Nov. 1880.
Lola M. Flair; b. May 1882.
Charles Milburn Flair; b. Dec. 10, 1883 in Frederick Co., Maryland; d. June 1965 Warsaw, IN.; m. Goldie Leah Wright 1915 St Joseph Co., IN. b. Feb. 2, 1894 Rochester, IN. d. Mar. 12, 1978 Milford, CT. Buried in IN.

Children of Charles & Goldie: Removed by request
The following 3 names we are not sure of the connections

..Simon B. Flair; b. Jan. 1886

Charles Edward McCauley Flair; b. 27 Aug. 1855, d. 11 Feb. 1932 Edgemunt, Maryland; m. Emma Jane Lewis Sept. 7, 1886 in Frederick Co., Maryland;b. Feb. 22, 1871 Maryland, d. Oct. 1, 1955 Edgemont, Maryland.

Louis Henry Napoleon Flair; b. Jan 24, 1864 in Frederick Co., Maryland; d. Aug. 15, 1917 Dunbar, PA.; m. Naomi Alberta Harper b. Nov., 10, 1865 Maryland; d. July 4, 1925 Dunbar, PA.
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Arbogast,Waybright,Wimer,Wood,Davis Link
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Arbogast Family

John C. Arbogast; b. abt 1762 Frederick Co. VA. d. Mar 4, 1821 Circleville, Pendleton Co. VA. m. Hanna Davis abt 1788 Pendleton Co., VA. (also see Ketterman).


Jonathan Arbogast; b. abt 1789; d. Jul 1861, m. Catherine Wimer.
Michael Arbogast; b. abt 1790, d. abt 1832.
Rachael Arbogast; b. abt 1790 Pendleton Co., VA; d. Feb. 1879 Pendleton Co., VA. m. Daniel Waybright abt 1811 Pendleton Co. VA. (also see Ketterman).
Rebecca Arbogast; b. abt 1791 Pendleton Co., VA; d. Jan 1, 1878 Pendleton Co., VA. m. Mathias Waybright Dec 16, 1813 Pendleton Co. VA. (also see Ketterman)>
Joseph E. Arbogast; b. abt 1793; d. Feb 8, 1884; m. Sarah Ketterman Feb 8 1820 Pendleton Co., VA.
Moses Arbogast; b. Nov 30, 1799.
Mary Ann Arbogast; b. abt 1800; d. abt 1870-1880; m. Jacob Ketterman abt 1820.
Adam Arbogast; b. abt 1801; d. abt 1860.
John Arbogast; b. abt 1804; d. abt 1880; m. Mary Wood.

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Stumbo, Walters, Wright, Ervin Link
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Virgil O'Dell Frederick; b. 6 Mar. 1898 Clark Co. OH d. 14 Jul 1972 Springfield, OH. m. 9 Mar. 1919 Mae A. Wright b. 21 Mar. 1894 d. 23 Nov. 1983 do. Arthur Wright & Alice Ervin.


Evelyn Mae Frederick; b. 2 Sep 1924 near Catawba, OH.
Lawrene Otis Frederick; b. 12 Feb. 1920 near Catawba, OH. d. Jun 6, 1998 (served European Theater Of WWII Jan 26, 1942 To Oct 28, 1945) m. Freda (Stumbo) Frederick; b. 10 Sep. 1923 Lundon, OH. do. James Stumbo & Lillian (Stumbo).

MaryAnn Frederick;
Joyce Frederick:
Linda Frederick;
Donna Frederick;

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Holscher, Wittmeyer, Link
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Harold John Holscher; b. 7-26-1915, d. 1-13-1988, m. 11-20-1937 Irene Edith Wittmeyer, b. 4-22-1919, d. 6-7-1999.


Beatrice Holscher;
Norbert Holscher; b.12-12-1939, m. 1-25-1964 Linda ? (had a son William) div. 1964. M. Kathy ? d. 8-28-2009 (had a son David).
Judith (Judy) Jane Holscher Childress Frederick.
Rosemarie Holsher; b. 11-20-1947, m. Trent McNealy, Dv. ?

Holscher, Walsh, Mangone, Baker Link
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Beatrice Holscher; b. 8-30-1938, m. 4-14-1958 Ed Walsh, d.13 Nov. 2013.


Robert Holscher; b. ? d. ?
June Holscher; b. ?, m. 6-1981 Dan Mangone. Had child: Danelle Mangone.
Gary Holscher; b. ? m. Tammy Baker.
Daniel Holscher; b. ? m. Irene ? had child Isabelle 9-2009.

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Holsher, Verplanck Link
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Norbert Holscher; b.12-12-1939, m. 1-25-1964 Linda ? (had a son William) dv. 1964. M. Kathy ? d. 8-23-2009 (had a son David). m. Susan Verplanck.

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Holsher, Childress, Frederick, Austin, Bergman, Deacon Link
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Judith (Judy) Jane Holscher; b. 10-20-1943, m. 4-25-1964 Michael Childress; b. 9-21-1943, d. 12-28-2006. m. 8-23-2009 Terry Frederick

Children with Michael:

Julie Childress. b.8-27-1965, m. 9-27-1987 Mark Austin.


Caroline Austin; b. 2-14-1989, m. 4-25-2010 Robert Bergman.
Brandon Austin; b.3-25-83 (by Marks 1st wife); m. Katrina Deacon They have 7 children between them.

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Holsher, McNealy, McPherson, Kovaat Link
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Rosemarie Holsher; b. 11-20-1947, m. Trent McNealy, Divorced. ?, m. Jim McPherson b.?, m.?, d. 6-2009

Children with Trent:

Robin McNealy; b. 9-5-1981, m. 11-20-2009 Brian Kovaat Had child: 1-21-2014 Audrey Kovaat.

Children with Jim:

John James McPherson; b.?

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Easterday, Spiess, link
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Christian Ostertag, SR. Easterday; b. 1730 Prussa, Sachsen, Germany, d. 15 Nov 1805 Jefferson, Frederick Co. Maryland, USA, m. Julianna Johanna Francisca Spiess; b. 17 Jun 1732, d. 4 Sep 1804.


Catherine Easterday; b. 15 DEc 1751 Middletown Valley, Frederick, Maryland, d, 30 Jan 1825 Berkeley, James, Virginia,.
Christian Easterday; b. 27 Nov 1752, Frederick, Maryland, d. 28 May 1835 Frederick, Maryland.
Maria Elizabeth Easterday; b. 31 Jul 1754 Frederick, Maryland, d. 18 Aug 1779 Frederick, Maryland, d..
Philipina Christina Easterday; b. 1755 Frederick, Maryland, d. 1839 Berkley, Virginia,.
Lewis Easterday; b. 1757 Frederick, Maryland, d. 23 Apr 1835 Carroll, Kentucky.
Martha Margaret Easterday; b. 18 Dec 1758 Frederick, Maryland, d. 3 Jan 1825, Frederick, Maryland.
Daniel Easterday: b. 12 Nov 1762 Frederick, Maryland, d. 25 Sep 1833 District of Columbia.
Julia Easterday: b. 1765 Frederick, Maryland, d.1864.
Conrad Easterday; b. 5 Mar 1767 Frederick, Maryland, d. 14 Oct 1825 Frederick, Maryland.
Ludwig Easterday: b. 1768 Frederick, Maryland, d. 18 Apr 1835 Kentucky.
Francis Easterday: b. 18 Jul 1770 Frederick, Maryland, d. 3 Dec 1841 Frederick, Maryland.
Jacob Easterday; b. 4 Dec 1772 Frederick, Maryland, d. 30 Aug 1840 Frederick, Maryland.
Abraham Easterday

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Easterday, Fout, Keifer link
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Abraham Easterday; b. 1777, d. 1823, m. 31 Aug 1801 Frederick, Maryland, Magdalena Fout; b. 13 Nov. 1777 Frederick Maryland, d. 1817 Columbus, Fairfield, Ohio, United States; do Johan Wilhelm Fout; b. 4 May 1744 Frederick Co. ,Maryland, d. 1790 Frederick Co. ,Maryland & Susan Keifer; b. 1753, d. 1794.


Isaac Easterday: b. 1806 Frederick, Maryland, d. 20 Feb 1883 Columbus, Ohio.
Concord Easterday; 3 Nov 1809 Frederick, Maryland, d. 1866 Ohio.
Harriet Ann Easterday;b. 1809 Frederick, Maryland,.
Jacob David Easterday;b. 1810 Frederick, Maryland,.
Mary Ann Easterday;
Julian Margaret Easterday; b. 1817 Frederick, Maryland. d. 1893 Preble, Ohio.

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Lampert,Walker Link.
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Dana Raymond Lampert; b. 7 Apr. 1970, Tacoma, WA. (Madigan GEN. Hosp.). m. 17 Dec. 1994, Waukesha, WI., Laina P. Walker; b. Chile, adopted by Walker's.

Children of Dana:

Benjamin Robert Lampert,
Abraham Steven Lampert,
Thalia Ruth Lampert; b. 11 Feb. 2000
Jadon Lampert; b. 27 Dec. 2004
Rosalaina Hope Lampert; b. 5 Sept. 2009
Thaddeus Lampert; b. 4 Jul 2012.
Autumn Joy Lampert; b. 29 Oct 2015.

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Lampert,Graves Link.
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Benjamin R Lampert; b. 24 Oct. 1995 Baker City, Or., m. Trestyn Graves; b. 3-Jan 1996, m. 13 May 2017 Centrailia, Wa.


Orion Shane Lampert; b. 14 Feb 2018
Rhea Keona Lampert; b. 1 Aug 2019

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Lampert,Menne Link.
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Abraham S Lampert; b. 20 May 1997 Baker City, Or., m. Emily Menne; b. 12 Nov 1996, m. 9 June 2018 Or.,


Amiya Nicolle Lampert; b. 10 June 2019
Liam Dominic Lampert; b. 14 Sept 2021

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Kendall Link.
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Ernest Wakefield Kendall; b.?, m. ?,

Children of Ernest:

John Kendall: b?
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Frederick, Klock, Link.
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Marilyn Frederick b. 28 Feb. 1944; m. 1969 Klock; divorced 1975

Children: Katherine (Kathy) A Klock;

Return to Marilyn's Parents.

Klock,Brown,Maxwell, Link.
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Katherine (Kathy) A Klock; b. 21 Mar. 1970; m.1991 Mark Brown, divorced around 1997; m. Marc Maxwell.; divorced 1975

Children: Jarred Brown;
Calib Brown; b. 22 Dec. 1994,

Return to Kathy's Parents.

Brown,Carter, Link.
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Jarred Brown; b. 7 Jul. 1992, M. Hannah Carter 2016, d. 2018, M. Jordan ? April 2023.


Chase Brown; b. January 27, 2012.
Jaxson Brown; b. February 18th,2015.

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Information of interest

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